Auto-NGS 100 Automated NGS Library Preparation Workstation

Auto-NGS 100 Automated NGS Library Preparation Workstation indogen allshengAuto-NGS 100

Automated NGS Library Preparation Workstation

As the cost of sequencing drops and the throughput of sequencing increases, the scope of applications is expanding. Auto-NGS 100 automated NGS library preparation workstation is an efficient and unattended automated NGS library preparation and PCR construction instrument. Auto-NGS 100 can reduce the workload, process more samples in parallel, improve the reproducibility of the library preparation process, greatly liberate laboratory manpower, minimize possible errors, and improve the stability of library preparation.









  • Precise Pipetting

Equipped with 8-channel pipettors, single-channel pipetting can be used

Pipetting range: 2-200μL

Precision: 2μL<5%; 200μL<1%

Accuracy: 2μL<10%; 200μL<1%

  • Multiple Functions & Open Software Design

Multi-level account management system to support the different needs of new users and advanced users

Drag-and-drop tasks simplifies program startup

GUI is can be easy to understood and edited. New users can also quickly master the operation method of building a library

  • Innovative Design

It is used for 9 plate positions such as microplates, TIP and accessories +(tip off box and waste liquid container) design to meet the needs of various library construction kits. In addition, the experimental platform can be customized according to actual needs, and provide modules according to different customer needs.

  • Equipped with Multiple Functional Modules

2 pieces temperature control module

Temperature range: 0~105℃

Temperature accuracy: 0.5℃ @55℃

Temperature uniformity: 0.5℃@55℃

High-efficiency magnet with automatic lifting

  • Efficient & Clean

Equipped with high-efficiency purification filtration system (negative pressure HEAP system) and UV lamp sterilization to prevent cross-contamination of the experimental cabin.