Being homogenizer is a simple, easy to handle and has the ability to achieve quality results quickly.

Product Details


The B-500 is a simple, easy to handle and has the ability to achieve quality results quickly.He has the speed and power to emulsify, suspend, cut and chop always to deliver accurate results. It has complete flexibility to hold it by hand, mounted to a pole or wall, with mounting plate or type H.


  • The B-500 homogenizer is the ideal solution for dispersing, homogenizing, mixing and grinding biological tissue samples (cells, animal and plant tissues), pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and food products. The WT500 is characterized by a high versatility that makes it unique on the market. A“Quick Lock”single quarter turn assembly shaft can be combined with a wide selection of stator and rotor configurations according to the specific application for which it is to be used. Flexible, easy-to-use, rapid and user-friendly stator and rotor interchangeability: a single instrument for a wide range of uses that ensures excellent performance and safety.


Model B-500-A B-500-B
Voltage/ Frequency 220-240V/50-60Hz
Power input/output(W) 500Watt
speed range(rpm) 10000-28000rpm
Rotor speed(m/sec) 27m/sec
Speed Setting 7 speeds
Range(ml,H2O) 100ml-5,000ml (Shaft B-500/25G) 100ml-5,000ml (Shaft B-500/25F)
Max viscosity(mPas) 10,000mPas
Material stainless steel PTEE
Weight(kg) 9kg
Dimensions(mm) 70mmx70mmx255
noise emission(drive only) 79dB(A)
Operating Environment 0-40℃ , 85%rel.humidity
Protection class IP20


Dispersing Shaft set Model Medium Function Treatable


Max linear velocity






Min/max emersion depth(mm)
B-500/6G Liquid/ Liquid 0.2-50 5 4 6 10/55
B-500/10G Liquid/ Liquid 30-150 10 7 10 15/130
B-500/20G Solid/ Liquid 50-1500 22 15 20 50/170
B-500/20F Emulsion 50-1500 22 15 20 50/170
B-500/25G Solid/ Liquid 100-5000 27 18 25 60/170
B-500/25F Emulsion 100-5000 27 18 25 60/170