Product Introduction

M500S low speed centrifuge which functions are powerful, highly commonality and handy for operation.The centrifuge which use the latest controller system which will be reliable quality and superior performance. It widely used in Medical clinical biochemistry, hematology, immunology, clinical research,molecular biology research and routine analysis in industrial laboratories. Also more pronounced in the genetic、protein nucleic acid and PCR field .


1.Use the advanced and reliable Infineon vector sine wave drive control system. Accurate controlled the speed ,time and RCF.

2.5 inch LCD bright white words on black background,setting and operating parameters clearly in real time.

3.Frequency conversion brushless motor without maintenance . control speed 100-6000rpm.±20rpm.

4.Real-time display of speed up and down. It is more convenient for fast adjustment which fully meets various centrifugal needs.

5.Single knob controlled can be fast changed parameter.

6.The centrifuge have lid protection.excessive speed and imbalance detection system which can be real-time monitoring.ensure the centrifuge safe operation. when appear the imbalance, sound signal reminder and stop operation at the same time, LED display show the error code.

7.Instantaneous centrifugal,(flash)button which can be centrifuged faster. Automatically record the last experimental value.

8.Centrifuge speed and RCF step increase 10rpm/10×g.

9.timing control 1-99hrs/1-99 minutes /1-59sec. Accuracy±1 seconds.

10.The master device and the rotor which use the high strength material to resist various chemical corrosion. It has nice sealing property and can be with high temperature sterilization.PTFE cover Stainless steel cavity and solid construction, suitable for continuous use.

11.Forced ventilation cooling and excellent air heat exchange technology can significantly and effectively reduce the increase in the temperature of the rotor.Automatic opened the lid when finish the operating ,The samples will not overheating and discharge the sample more convenient.

12.The isolation layer outside the centrifugal cavity can fully absorb noise and reduce vibration.

13.Electric suction double lid lock design,easy to opening and closing of the lid quickly. quiet and safe.

Order Information

Part.No. Part Name Specification
M.01.020 500S Main Machine
L.05.002 500S-S Swing rotor for M500S-S-1~M500S-S-8 basket Standard
L.03.001 5001 Basket 50ml×4 pcs Optional
L.03.003 5002 Basket 100ml×4 pcs Optional
L.03.002 5003 Basket 50ml×8 pcs Optional
L.03.004 5004 Basket 10/15ml×24 pcs Optional
L.03.005 5005 Basket 10/15ml×32 pcs Optional
L.03.006 5006 Basket 5ml×48 pcs Optional
L.03.007 5007 Basket 5ml×64 pcs Optional
L.03.008 5008 Basket 3/5/7ml×72 pcs Optional
L.06.008 5006-6.1 Adaptor 3ml×48pcs  /standardM500R-S-6 Standard
L.06.009 5006-6.1 Adaptor 3ml×64pcs  /standard M500R-S-7 Standard
L.03.018 5010 enzyme label plate Microplate 4 pcs×2×96/Deep well plate 2 pcs×2×96 Optional
L.02.001 5011 Angle rotor 15ml×12pcs Optional
L.02.002 5012 Angle rotor 50ml×8pcs Optiona
L.06.017 5011-11.1 Adapter 5ml × 12 pieces/suitable for 5004/5005/5011 Optiona
L.06.018 5011-11.2 Adapter 8/10ml × 12 pieces/suitable for 5004/5005/5011 Optiona
L.06.019 5012-12.1 Adapter 15ml for 5012 Optiona
L.06.020 5001-1.1 Conversionadapter 50ml cone-bottomed test tube to round-bottomed test tube Optiona5001/5003/5012
L.06.021 5004-4.1 Conversionadapter 15ml cone-bottomed test tube to round-bottomed test tube Optiona5011/5004/5005