Product Introduction

Mini centrifuge adopts the international advanced design concept and manufacturing technology.It come with aesthetic appearance as well as the compact structure. High versatility, simple operation and  with both “smooth start” and “smooth braking” functional characteristics.

It is suitable for micro tube filtering and fast centrifugation, micro blood cell separation, microbial sample processing, PCR experiment partition centrifugation. It can be prevent the liquid to shop in the tube wall. It is an ideal centrifuge for small sample which need to do centrifugal.


1.Adopt advanced and reliable PI high-frequency full-range wide-range power control scheme.Comply with AC100-250V/50/60Hz input power. Accuracy control voltage, current, speed and relative centrifugal force to ensure the constant speed not change by change of voltage and loading.

2.Unique rotor snap-on installation design to replace the rotor without any tool. It makes experimenter replace the rotor more convenient and fast.

3.High-strength host and rotor materials which can resist all kinds of chemical corrosion.The Rotor can be with high temperature sterilization.

4.Equipped with high-efficiency DC permanent magnet motor, RSS vibration absorption material,the centrifuge run more smoothly. Spatial-rotation for 360°arc shape,without any corner. low windage resistance, with slow temperature increase.Lower noise ≤50dB(A).

5.Faster acceleration/deceleration rate,complete the experiment requirement in a shorter time.Reach over 95% of rated speed within 3s acceleration.

6.2 types of deceleration,Free stop by press the lid button ≤1n 15 seconds, the cover braking by lid open fully ,time only should be ≤ 3 seconds.

Order Information

Mini-7G-201000 Mini-7G Main Machine
Mini-7G-201001 Mini-A-1 Angle rotor 2/1.5ml×8wells Standard
Mini-7G-201001 Mini-A-3 Compound turning head 1.5 ml × 6 holes + 0.5 ml × 6 holes + 0.2 ml × 8 holes × 2 rows Standard
Mini-7G-201002 Mini-A-2 PCR rotor0.2ml×8wells×4 Row Standard
Mini-7G-201003 Mini-AP-1 Adaptor 0.5ml×8pcs Standard
Mini-7G-201004 Mini-AP-2 Adaptor 0.2ml×8pcs Standard