Product Introduction

MSP-X Tabletop High-speed refrigerated centrifuge which functions are powerful, highly commonality and handy for operation.The centrifuge which use the latest controller system which will be reliable quality and superior performance. It widely used in Medical clinical biochemistry, hematology, immunology, clinical research,molecular biology research and routine analysis in industrial laboratories. Also more pronounced in the genetic、protein nucleic acid and PCR field .


1.Smaller footprint, save space in the laboratory.

2.Wide option of rotors and adapters for all commonly used centrifuge tubes.

3.Imported refrigeration compressor unit/R134a Eco-friendly refrigerant. PID digit temperature control.The cooling effect is faster and more accurate.

4.Fast pre-cooling function with independent Pre-Cooling buttons on the panel.It can reach 4℃ in a very short time at room temperature.

5.Auto-tuning temperature control function in different environments, no need human intervention.

6.Automatic rotor recognition and unbalance detection to sure centrifugal safety.

7.Separate Flask button for instantaneous centrifugal, Press to working.

8.Electric suction double lid lock design,Quickly lid closed with one touch,quiet and safety.

9.Double air rod support makes centrifuge lid opening and closing smoother,more lower opening height.

10.Ten built-in storage programs/5 panel shortcut program, more convenient.

11.PTFE cover Stainless steel centrifuge cavity which can resist corrosive samples centrifugal.

12.The seal ring of lid cover is formed by an imported rubber integrated mold.

13.Seven inch IPS full view 16 million chroma true color LCD display. Brightness adjustable to meet health requirements.

14.External USB2.0 interface is convenient for system upgrade and experimental data download.

15.Built-in start timing and stable timing function which can effectively calculate the centrifugal efficiency.

16.A variety of downtime music ringtones and duration of music and prompt tone can be adjusted.Make the experiment more comfortable.

17.The display interface supports Chinese and English menu switching.

Order Information

Part.No. Part Name Specification
M.01.025 M16R Main Machine
L.02.003 M16R-A-1 Angle rotor /rotor lid 1.5/2.2ml×24 wells Optional
L.02.004 M16R-A-2 Angle rotor /rotor lid 1.5/2.2ml×36 wells Optional
L.02.005 M16R-A-3 Angle rotor /rotor lid 0.5ml×36 wells Optional
L.02.006 M16R-A-4 Angle rotor /rotor lid 5ml×12 wells Optional
L.02.007 M16R-A-5 PCR rotor/rotor lid 0.2ml×8 wells×4 rows Optional
L.02.008 M16R-A-6 Angle rotor /rotor lid 15ml×8 wells Optional
L.02.009 M16R-A-7 Angle rotor /rotor lid 50ml×6 wells Optional
L.02.010 M16R-A-8 Angle rotor /rotor lid 100ml×4 wells Optional
L.02.011 M16R-A-9 Angle rotor /rotor lid 10ml×12 wells Optiona
L.06.005 M16R-AP-1 Adaptor 0.5ml×24 pcs/StandardM16R-A-1 Standard 16R A-1
L.06.006 M16R-AP-2 Adaptor 0.2ml×24 pcs/StandardM16R-A-1 Standard 16R A-1
L.06.010 M16R-AP-1 Adaptor 0.5ml×36 pcs/StandardM16R-A-2 Standard 16R A-2
L.06.011 M16R-AP-2 Adaptor 0.5ml×36 pcs/StandardM16R-A-2 Standard 16R A-2
L.06.017 M16R-AP-3 Adaptor 15ml×6 pcs/StandardM16R-A-7 Standard 16R A-7