New Combined Refrigerator And Freezer

New Combined Refrigerator And Freezer

Suitable for hospital,disease control and prevention center,electronics,chemicals,R&D,laboratory;food processing,Also can be used to store drugs,regents,biological products,vaccines,blood,etc.

Product Details

New Combined Refrigerator and Freezer

2℃ ~8℃,-10℃ ~-25℃      BDW-25L300RF

Cooling System

  • Temperature Range: 2℃~8℃, -10℃~-25℃.
  • Microprocessing controller, LED display, temperature adjustment and display accuracy is 0.1℃.
  • The outer door adopts a unique sealing structure, which can ensure the freezer with good sealing and heat preservation performance.
  • The upper and lower storage spaces with two completely independent cooling systems, temperature control and display.
  • The refrigerator adopts a fan  motor  which is  more  safe  and  can  keep lubrication permanently, so it can be used longer.
  • The forced air  cooling  circulation  of the  refrigerator  can  keep  the temperature inside the chamber stable and unified, and also can make the temperature quickly recover after the outer door closes.
  • Compressors are efficient and reliable.


  • Built-in back-up battery to display temperature and alarm information for up to 8 hours, if AC power is failure.
  • With high/low temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, power failure alarm, door ajar alarm. Two ways of alarm: visual and audible.
  • Button on the control panel can be locked to avoid setting parameters being changed due to misoperation.
  • With compressor delay start protection function when power off restart.
  • Efficient and environmentally friendly HC refrigerant is used.
  • Build-in mechanical lock to ensure the safety of storage.
  • Safe mode will be run automatically in case of sensor failure to ensure the temperature for storage.

Ease of Operation

  • Buzzing alarm can also be set to mute if required.
  • Standard testing ports for easy access to external test tools.
  • Standard drawer and basket, easy to store and management.
  • The freezer has two storage spaces with different temperature ranges, up and down.
  • The bottom is provided with leveling feet to ensure the levelness of the freezer body during installation.
  • In case of failure, the control screen displays real-time temperature and corresponding alarm code, which is convenient for troubleshooting.


Procurement Code 03.21.041
Model BDW-25L300RF
Temperature Range [°C] R: 2-8; F:-10–25
Effective Capacity [Liters] R: 200; F: 100
Insulation Thickness [mm] 40/90
Exterior Finishing White Plastic Coated Galvanised Steel
Interior Finishing Blister
Shelves 2
Drawers 3
Levels 6
Mechanical Lock Yes
Battery Yes
Temperature Sensor in Chamber Yes
Controller Type Digital Screen
Refrigerant R290 (HC Series)
Voltage/Frequency [V/Hz] AC220/50
Rated Power [W] 330
Net Weight [kg] 100
Power Failure Alarm Yes
Temperature Sensor Failure Alarm Yes
High/Low Temperature Alarm Yes
Door Ajar Alarm Yes
Temperature Resolution [°C] 0.1
Temperature Uniformity [°C] ≤2/≤4
Pull Down Time [h] ≤0.8/≤2.6